Jenna Jalonen (Fi) / Beatrix Simkó (hu): TERV.

Jenna Jalonen (FI) - Beatrix Simkó (HU)

Pe 8.9. klo 16.00-17.00
La 9.9. klo 16.30-17.30
Poriginal Galleria, Eteläranta 6

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Esitys on osa virallista Suomi100-ohjelmistoa / The performance is part of the official Suomi100 programme

Terv. (fin, particle) - regards, yours, greetings, hello, nod, ovation

terv (hun, noun.) - plan, idea, proposal, method, purpose

#language #relatives #isolation

Behind each plan there is someone standing. Behind TERV. two women. Young artists, Europeans, living in isolated countries, they have the same amount of muscles and bones, movers, acrobatics, comfortable with steam and water. From the same Y-generation. One of them was born under communism in 1987 and the other one in an independent free country in 1991. Blonde and brunette. Nordic and Central-European. One’s ancestors lived under the Turkish, the other under the Swedish empire. One drinks pálinka the other one Koskenkorva. Almost sisters, but not.

From the nonverbal communication through gestures, to cultural movement patterns and all the way to the extremely wide tools of contemporary dance, we would like to raise questions that separate and bring us together at the same time. From the perspective of both the personal to the social similarities and differences. Is the linguistic sense of isolation a strong characteristic of both languages and societies?