Pori outlaw§ theatre festival may 11th-19th 2019

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​​​​​​​Pori Outlaw§ Theatre Festival / Lain§uojattomat, the vibrant theatre festival for independent professional theatre companies, is turning twenty and will be electrifying the city of Pori for nine days from the 11th to the 19th of May 2019. The festival is the longest running and most prominent of the festivals for independent theatre companies. It also offers great possibilities for networking with Finnish theatre makers.

The festival kicks off with the 7th edition of The 24 Hour Plays: Pori which will bring together over 40 extraordinary artists - writers, directors, actors - to create 5 short plays and a short musical in only 24 hours.

At the core of this year’s edition are some of the most stimulating shows seen in Finland in the past year. Our audiences can experience bold, wild and adventurous performances that will ignite, excite and delight! For nine days Pori is the mecca of theatre where creativity knows no bounds! We are also keen to showcase some international talent as well. Our international guests have come from eg. the US, Australia, NZ, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, UK and Ireland, just to name a few.


Outlaw§ - Pori Theatre Festival is an annual event for independent theatre companies and performing artists from Finland with some interesting international guests as well. The Festival is organised by Rakastajat-teatteri, located in the city of Pori on the West Coast of Finland by the Baltic Sea.

Outlaw§, first organised in the year 2000, is an important part of the Finnish theatre scene. So far the Festival has featured over 230 independent theatre companies, ensembles or individual artists, 35 of which have come from outside of Finland. Our international guests have come from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The festival has especially close connections with the Irish theatre industry.

Not only is the festival a showcase for outstanding pieces of theatre and performance but also a platform for connecting with artists from across the country. Therefore meetings and seminars for theatre professionals have become a vital part of the programme of the festival to enable discussion and exchange of thoughts between theatre practitioners.

Since 2013, The 24 Hour Plays: PORI has been an exciting addition to the festival programme where the bravest theatre-makers in the country gather up to create six new short plays from scratch in the span of 24 hours. Theatre Info Finland TINFO presented Outlaw§ and Rakastajat-teatteri with the ‘Silmänkääntäjä’ prize in 2015 for bringing the internationally acclaimed concept to Finland.


Rakastajat-teatteri, the organising body behind the Festival, is an independent theatre company based in Pori, Finland. Since their debut show in 1991, Rakastajat-teatteri have become one of the fastest growing independent theatre companies in Finland, in terms of annual turnover.

The Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of Rakastajat-teatteri, Angelika Meusel, has been the Artistic Director of the Outlaw§ festival since the very beginning as well. Angelika, who holds an undergraduate degree from Trinity College Dublin, has worked as an actor in Finland and Ireland. She was awarded with the ‘Theatre Act of the Year 2016’ prize by the Finnish Theatre Centre for her long-running work for the benefit of the independent theatre scene in Finland.